TEDx Talk on Raising Children
How to raise emotionally intelligent children.

31 March 2020

What an incredible opportunity to stand on that little red circle and deliver a TEDx talk on emotional awareness.

It was quite the journey unpacking what I wanted to share on this platform. TED is an extraordinary speaking opportunity and I spent a great deal of time thinking about what  I believe and what I wanted to share with the world in my compact 12 minutes.

After a great deal of exploration and brainstorming, I had to bring it back to what I am most passionate about: ‘Connection’.

In particular, the impact of lack of connection and what we do with that as a child and how it influences us as adults.

And, what is the magic ingredient when raising an emotionally intelligent child?

This talk explores these questions along with how the lack of emotional literacy in our culture has significant power when it comes to the way we parent. It explores how compassion, empathy, and mindfulness have a place in raising children – as well as in our education system.

If connection, listening, and heart were at the center of every relationship, how different could our world be?

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©2021 Lael Stone. All Rights Reserved.