Aware Living (Level 3)

A 6-week journey into the hidden parts of your story.

Starting on June 3, 2024

Level 3 Immersion is for anyone who has completed my Level 1 and 2 Parenting Immersion.

This round we are not so focused on parenting, we are delving more into you, your imprints and the relationships you have in your life.

These 6 weeks are an invitation to step up into your power whilst looking toward the pieces you want to understand and transform. My invitation is to drop the stories and remember the truth of who you are.

Themes include:

  1. Authenticity and Systems
    • Do we lose our power to today’s systems and how authentic can you be in your world?
  2. Judgements and Acceptance
    • What lens do we look through regarding others and ourselves?
  3. Intimacy and Desire
    • Are you living your most expressed desires? How do sensuality and relationships play out in your life?
  4. Trauma and Imprints
    • Understanding our traumas, intergenerational trauma and how our body responds.
  5. Money and Worth
    • Exploring the relationship regarding money, our attitudes towards its flow in our lives, and the narratives surrounding hard work versus effortless abundance.
  6. Pain and Love
    • How much do we live in our heads compared to our hearts? What is your relationship like to self-love?

Program Details

  • Weekly topic videos and themes sent to you
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, share insights
  • Facebook Live every Wednesday evening (8:00 pm AEST) on the week’s theme, with the opportunity to ask questions
  • Weekly group Saturday morning Zoom call (9:30 am) where each participant can share, ask questions or receive one one-on-one reflection with Lael
  • Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to watch after the event
  • Downloadable relaxations and processing tools
  • Opportunity to share as little or as much as you like
  • There will also be the opportunity to bring parenting questions

Program Cost


(Payment in full or via weekly instalment)

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6 weeks:
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Level 1 and 2 has completely changed my life. Not only did my parenting change, but the deeper understanding I now have of myself has allowed me to shift my perspective and stories towards what I want. I finally feel like I am being my authentic self. Bring on Level 3 – I don’t want these courses to end.
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