Aware Parenting (Level 2)

A 4-week immersion into your own story in the teenage years.

This course is for anyone who has completed the Aware Parenting Immersion (Level 1) and would like to dig deeper into some of the imprints and stories that often surface in the teen years.

Much like the Aware Parenting Immersion Level 1, this course takes you into the imprints and patterns that can still influence our relationships today.

Focusing more on the years between 12 and 25 yrs of age, we explore greater stories around our freedom to be authentically us. A brilliant piece to explore whether we are currently parenting teenagers or still have a few years to go. The more we can unpack and explore our own stories, the more freedom we have to hold space for our own children.

Themes include:

  • Freedom To Be You
    how to be your authentic self and not buy into what others think
  • Exploring Sexuality
    stories and imprints around body image and sexuality
  • Friendship and relationship
    having authentic relationships
  • Purpose and passion
    Finding our purpose and freedom to express

Program Details

  • Weekly topic videos and themes sent to you
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, share insights
  • Facebook Live every Thursday evening on the week’s theme, with the opportunity to ask questions
  • Weekly group Saturday morning Zoom call where each participant can share, ask questions or receive one one-on-one reflection with Lael
  • Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to watch after the event
  • Downloadable relaxations and processing tools
  • Opportunity to share as little or as much as you like

Program Cost


(Payment in full or via weekly instalment)

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After completing the Level 1 Immersion, I knew I wanted more! My teenage years were full of angst and uncomfortableness and I knew I had to work on some of my stories and patterns before my own children stepped into adolescence. It was so great – I uncovered many patterns and imprints that still impact me today and I finished the course with such deep compassion and understanding of teenage me. I feel like it facilitated so much beautiful healing within, that now I don’t have to pass on my teenage baggage to my own children.
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