Helping people reach their potential.

Helping people reach their potential.

Speaker, Educator and Author.

If you were to ask me what it is that I do, I could sum it up in a sentence; “I speak for the heart of the child.”

Whether it is supporting parents to understand their children, helping adults process their own childhood trauma, or creating education systems that value emotional awareness – it all comes back to connection and compassion.

I began working in childbirth education and postnatal care in 2004 – working with couples through pregnancy, birth and the first few years of parenting as a Doula, Calmbirth® Practitioner and Postnatal trauma Counsellor. Working in this field certainly showed me the importance of connection and trust. From a woman trusting her baby and birthing body to learning all about how to parent with presence and awareness.

Birth Education

With my lovely birth partner Jules Brooks, we created the About Birth Online Education Program, a pioneering way to learn about birth and early parenting. Since its launch in 2014, we have seen thousands of couples access our online program.

Jules and I have also run Health Practitioner Workshops for over 10 years, training allied health professionals on the current landscape of birth in Australia. Our mission has always been to empower birthing couples and educate those who work within pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Aware Parenting

I was an Aware Parenting Instructor for 8 years and ran regular groups for mothers to connect and share their parenting stories. Aware Parenting also gave me the opportunity to run workshops and facilitate private sessions for parents who are looking to create more connection and awareness in raising their children.

Sex Education

For 5 years, I taught Sex Education to high school students and worked with teenagers on all aspects of sexuality and wellbeing. I created ‘The Connection Program’ a pioneering program for teenage girls that explores all components of puberty, sexuality, relationships and sense of self.

I’ve had the privilege of working in many secondary schools sharing a pleasure-based sex education program with students from year 7 to year 12 and creating spaces for teenagers to talk about all the things they want to know in regards to sex and our bodies.

My work in Sex Education also helped me see the need for parents to access skills and resources to have these conversations with their kids. I’ve enjoyed running workshops for parents on How to Talk to their kids about sex.

Other wonderful projects I have been invloved with:​

The Aware Parenting Podcast

In 2019, with my colleague Marion Rose, The Aware Parenting podcast was born, which now has over half 3 million downloads with listeners from all over the world. Marion and I discussed all elements of parenting and how we can work towards creating harmony within ourselves and in our homes. I finished on the podcast at the beginning of 2023, and there are 123 episodes that I co-hosted.

Woodline Primary

In 2021, I was beyond proud to see my vision come to life in the form of Woodline Primary. A dream project that came about from a simple conversation that was sparked by a deeper need for connection in our education system. Without a doubt, creating a Primary School has been one of my biggest challenges and greatest learning curves. We are now in our 4th year and going from strength to strength. I now consult others who are interested in creating their own emotionally aware education system.

The Resilience Project

I have also been fortunate enough to regularly contribute to several online publications as well as various public speaking events where I talk all about the things I am passionate about. I have been fortunate to work with the wonderful team at The Resilience Project and have spent the last four years delivering talks in person and online to parents all around Australia.

Above any study or learning I have done, my children have facilitated my greatest learning and self-discovery.

Apart from all the ‘things’ I have done or I am doing, my greatest loves and source of learning is, without doubt, my magnificent family. My adult son and daughters, my exceptional husband Mike and my ball of fluffy goodness, our dog Obi.

My children have facilitated my greatest learning and self-discovery. From challenging and unexpected birth experiences to navigating fears and traumas, to holding on tight through the teen years, they continue to show me what is possible when you are free to be the true essence of yourself.

Authenticity and speaking from experience has always been a big priority for me, so I feel fortunate to have been gifted many life experiences that now shape my work.

At the end of the day, what seems to drive all that I do, is to be a voice for children, at any age – to help parents know what they might be saying, or what they need. I work for the kids.

“Lael has reframed many of the struggles I experience in my parenting journey with my toddler. I have deepened my connection with my daughter and my trust in her timing and journey, strengthened my hope in our capacity to heal from birth and separation trauma, and become more in tune with my own intuition as both a woman and mother so I can look ahead with clear intention and empowerment. The influence of Lael’s wisdom and guidance will continue to weave its threads into our family life well into the future.”


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