Storytelling is a great way to learn.

Storytelling is a great way to learn.

The Imperfects

The Imperfects is one of Australia’s most popular podcasts and I have been fortunate enough to join Hugh, Ryan and Josh three times to discuss emotions, relationships and healing. The Imperfects focuses on mental health and opens up many conversations around vulnerability, connection and our imperfections.

Parent Yourself First

Number 1 episode in Australia (in all categories) on January 25, 2024.

Creating Emotionally Intelligent Humans

The most shared podcast in Australia for 2022.

The Aware Parenting Podcast

The Aware Parenting Podcast has reached over 3 million downloads, and is currently ranked in the top 1% of podcasts worldwide. Marion and I loved discussing everything to do with raising children, raising ourselves and supporting parents and educators to connect with compassion and kindness.

I am no longer on The Aware Parenting Podcast, however, there are 123 episodes in our back catalogue to listen to.

Dr. Gabor Mate Interview

The most listened to episode on parenting and trauma.

Tantrums Part 2

A popular episode on how to navigate big feelings in children.

Podcasts that entertain.

It is a great privilege to be interviewed on other podcasts or have my talks and articles shared with different organisations. Below are some of the latest episodes I’ve been on:

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