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Authenticity and speaking from experience has always been a big priority for me, so I feel fortunate to have been gifted many life experiences that now shape my work and the stories I tell.

One of my most favourite things to do is to speak at large workshops and public events. I love to align myself with events and colleagues who are doing great work in the world.

I can speak on topics such as Emotional Awareness, Helping children to thrive, Building Resilience, Talking to your kids about Sex, Connected Parenting, Healing our Wounds, Understanding Trauma and Creating New Paradigms in Education.

Speaking topics to connect with any audience:

Building resilience

This talk explores how to help our children navigate a world with so many ups and downs.

Compassionate leadership

This talk explores trauma-informed relationships, a compassionate inquiry lens and how to get out of our own way to allow powerful connections.

Creating a new paradigm in education

This conversation helps educators to look behind what they see and create new ways to helps children be the best version of themselves.

Creating cooperation and connection

This talk explores other ways to help children to cooperate while keeping our connection strong.

Do we all have trauma and what can we do about it

This talk is designed to facilitate discussion and trust between colleagues and improve workplace compassion and understanding.

How to be a connected parent

This talk gives parents and educators tips and insights into how we can raise emotionally aware children with boundaries, humour, and love.

Raising emotionally intelligent children

This talk gives parents and educators tips and insights into how we can raise emotionally aware children with boundaries, humour, and love.

Raising resilient and cooperative kids

This talk explores how we support children to become resilient as well as how we can use connection to facilitate cooperation.

Raising teens to be amazing humans

This talk shares tips and tools to foster trust and connection with your teen, as well as help you unpack your reactions and responses.

What are imprints and why do they matter

This talk explores the imprints and belief systems that shape the way we think, interact and create in our lives.

Thrilled to work with amazing organisations

Reach out if you would like me to speak to your group or organisation:

Access the below presentation recordings with the password supplied to you by your school or organisation.

Heathdale Christian College
Raising Resilient & Compassionate Children
Christ Church Grammar School
How to be a Connected Parent
Mentone Grammar School
Staying Connected to Your Child
Woodline Primary
Compassionate Classrooms
Cotton On Group
Resilience in the Workplace

“Lael absolutely captivated our audience. Not only was her talk relatable, she was funny, engaging and offered tools and solutions to take away. I really look forward to seeing her speak again soon.”


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