Aware Parenting for Tweens and Teens
A 2-hour webinar that explores the changes that happen in the tween and teen years.

Navigating the teenage years can be tricky and challenging and having a greater understanding of what is unfolding for teens in this modern age, can help to strengthen your relationship and foster deeper connection and love with your child.
Understanding the changes in the brain and the body and how hormones really affect behavior can help you maintain connections when kids pull away.

Understanding a tweens/teens digital world and how to navigate technology and trust our children as well as keeping them safe is also explored along with what age-appropriate conversations that you should be having and what you need to look out for when it comes to sex. We also discuss how to navigate Pornography and our highly sexualised world.

This workshop also focuses on understanding and looking behind the behavior. What is your child really saying and how you can maintain great boundaries as well as staying connected.

We also explore why your kids push your buttons and how exploring our own teenage years can help to heal your past so you can have a great relationship with your child.

  • Changes in dynamics with puberty and growth.
  • Managing Technology
  • What conversations should I be having around Puberty and Sex?
  • Alternatives to Threats and Punishments
  • Coping with Resistant, Defiant or Aggressive Behaviour
  • Exploring What Triggers you as a Parent

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2hr webinar:


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©2021 Lael Stone. All Rights Reserved.