Anger and Boundaries

Navigating healthy ways to process your emotions, as well as supporting your children to do the same.

Some of the biggest challenges in parenting and life can be navigating anger and setting limits with ourselves and others. This masterclass explores what you were taught about these topics and how it plays out in your life now.

We look at the imprints and belief systems around anger and boundaries and healthy ways to process and implement these into your life as well as how to support your children with these emotions.

Program details:

  • Why do children get angry
  • How we can respond in a healthy way to anger
  • Navigating our own triggers
  • Creating healthy boundaries and limits
  • Exploring our Imprints and how we can change it

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2.5 hours:
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This course helped me greatly. I never understood why I went from 1 to 100 in seconds. Understanding my own story is helping me to respond to my children instead of reacting. Thank you for this valuable information.
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New Zealand Tour
Nov/Dec 2023

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