Big Feelings and Cooperation

An introductory guide on how to navigate big feelings and create more harmony and cooperation in your home.

How do I get my child to cooperate? How do I teach my little one about emotional awareness?

This masterclass looks at navigating ways to help our children offload their feelings as well as create more connection and harmony in your home. We will explore your imprints around trust, emotions, boundaries, your role as a parent and how we can take care of ourselves as well as turn up for our kids.

Program Details

  • The cause of big feelings
  • Ways to support our children
  • How to create co-operation without yelling
  • The power of play and connection
  • Helping our children to heal
  • Holding limits and supporting ourselves

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2.5 hours:
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Thank you Lael, I really needed this. I had become reliant on punishments and rewards and it didn’t feel good. I finally feel like I have some tangible tools to use with my kids so there is less yelling and more fun.
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