Connected Classrooms

How to implement connection and harmony in the classroom whilst taking care of yourself.

Bringing emotional awareness and connection into a classroom can be tricky in a system that works with punitive practices. But it can be done and this masterclass explores tools and techniques to use with children in the education setting as well as exploring our beliefs and reactions as educators.

Program details:

  • Simple ways to stay connected to your students
  • Navigating challenging behaviours
  • Understanding trauma in children and how to respond
  • Ways to bring more compassionate responses to your workplace
  • Taking care of your needs in a system that is data-driven

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2.5 hours:
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Thank you Lael, this gave me some amazing ideas but also helped me to see that I am on the right track. It helped to clarify again just how important my relationships are when it comes to my students.
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New Zealand Tour
Nov/Dec 2023

After the great success of The Aware Parenting Podcast, my colleague Marion Rose and I are excited to release our first book on parenting. Be notified on the launch: