Connected Teens and our Stories

Understanding teens and tweens and our own imprints.

This masterclass explores how to stay connected to your teen even when they are pulling away. We look at key areas to support their well-being and mental health, how to have tricky conversations around feelings, sex, relationships, and risk-taking,  as well as your reactions as a parent. This masterclass will also explore your imprints throughout the teenage years and how they may show up with your child.

Program Details

  • Phases of adolescence
  • Understanding and holding big feelings in teens
  • Navigating sexuality, friendships, risktaking, tech, and limits
  • How to stay connected even if your teen is distant
  • Navigating our responses and imprints around our own teenage experiences

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2.5 hours:
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This has given me a sense of relief that I am not messing it up. It helped to understand what may be going on for my teen and how I can support them. And of course, the nudge to look at all my own stuff. Thank you Lael, so grateful for your wisdom.
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