How to Talk to your Kids about Sex

This webinar aims to equip parents with the tools and knowledge to have age-appropriate conversations with their children about sex.

Is this a conversation you have been dreading or do you feel worried that you have no idea where to begin? Then you can learn all about this online at this one-off Webinar.

Teaching your kids about sex and sexuality is just as important as teaching them about healthy eating, good hygiene, and respectful relationships. And if you don’t teach and guide them, then the internet will!

This workshop is for parents who have children at any age, as we will be exploring appropriate education for younger children all the way up to teenagers.

Program Details

  • Age-appropriate education from 2yrs up till 16yrs
  • Explaining conception, pregnancy and birth to younger children
  • Puberty and changes in the body
  • Consent throughout different age groups
  • Good touch and bad touch
  • Porn and its impact on children
  • Our own relationship to sex and its impact on our children
  • Resources and books to use with your children

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2 hours:
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Thank you Lael, watching this webinar totally put my mind at ease. I was so stressed about ‘having the conversation’ with my kids, but I realised that I have already been planting seeds and am on the right path. It was really helpful for my partner to watch as well as we both see how we need to normalise these conversations and become askable parents so our kids feel comfortable coming to us with any questions. Awesome resources as well.
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