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About Birth is a comprehensive, six-part antenatal course brought to you by childbirth educators, healthcare professionals and real-life parents.

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Another one of my babies, About Birth was created by myself and my birthing partner Jules Brooks. Having been childbirth educators for over 10 years we jumped on the online learning train early and created one of the first online birth programs. Our online program is designed to give couples all the information and tools that they need to work towards a positive birth experience (however the birth unfolds).

Each of the Program’s six learning modules covers a physical, emotional or psychological aspect of pregnancy and birth. Factual information is presented alongside real-life stories and practical ideas, allowing users to gain an informed, well-rounded attitude to their birth journey.

Our website also hosts over 200 blog posts on everything you can imagine related to birth and early parenting. I wrote nearly every one of those articles myself and it is a great source of information for any pregnant couple. We have couples from all over the world use our program and it still makes me smile receiving emails and messages from parents announcing their babies have arrived and how their journey unfolded.

“Thank you for such a thoughtful, insightful, family-focused, evidence-based program. Your program also pressed me to research practices I thought were not in favour, such as delayed cord clamping, and realised their benefits and evidence base. You have created a program that has a sensitive and intuitive approach to birth. I highly recommend it.”
Jay – Medical Professional

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