Physical, emotional & mental support in motherhood.

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Co-created with midwife, educator and trainer Bernadette Lack, we’ve created Motheration as the compassionate village that is often missing.

Our courses are designed to meet you at every stage of your parenting journey from early postpartum to raising teenagers. This is the knowledge and guidance to nurture and connect with yourself as a mother. Learn to meet your own needs and those of your family in a way that feels right for you.

Our offerings include online courses for postpartum and any stage of mothering. We also offer a Birth Debriefing mentoring training which is designed for health workers to learn and understand all about birth debriefing to provide this to women in need.

“I hope you realise how your work is changing peoples lives – it has definitely changed mine forever. Thank you both for holding such a powerful space.”

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Nov/Dec 2023

After the great success of The Aware Parenting Podcast, my colleague Marion Rose and I are excited to release our first book on parenting. Be notified on the launch: