Woodline Primary
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Fostering and nurturing emotional wellbeing in children.

Woodline Primary is a small school set on a 20-acre farm in the beautiful Geelong hinterland. We have created a nurturing environment where you are welcomed with respect, presence, connection and care. A safe learning space where you can be free to question and explore. A place to be who you really are.

Woodline Primary School came about from a conversation with one of my clients around the need to have safe learning environments and a schooling system that values emotional wellbeing, just as much as learning. After months of research and visiting many different schools and talking to various experts, we set out to make Woodline Primary a reality. Woodline has been created by a small team of experts who have all been pivotal in bringing this idea to fruition.

Woodline Primary is heavily influenced by my training and learning around trauma-informed practices, conscious parenting, personal experience and a focus on safe learning environments.

With my co-creator Melanie Austin, we have created an extraordinary school, now in its 4th year, with a robust wait list and extraordinary academic and emotional results for children.

We now offer PD training to other educators curious about the Woodline way.

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Fostering and nurturing emotional wellbeing in children.

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“This is the school I have been searching for, one that values learning as much as emotional understanding and development. I wish it was the school I had when I was a child.”

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